Angie Kim, MD

Wellness and Aesthetics Physician, Medical Weight Loss Physician & Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging & Wellness Center in Katy, TX

Angie Kim, MD

Angie Kim, MD, is an aesthetic physician and the founder of Glow Up MD in Katy, Texas. With an eye for detail and subtle approach to aesthetics, Dr. Kim has a passion for helping people achieve natural yet beautiful outcomes. 

Dr. Kim earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cornell University prior to pursuing her medical degree at Rutgers University. After obtaining her degree, she completed her surgical residency in New York. She is certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM).  

At Glow Up MD, Dr. Kim is dedicated to helping you find confidence in yourself. With every patient, she spends quality time discussing your goals and the benefits of each treatment option. She then recommends aesthetic treatments to help enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-esteem. 

While many physicians often make dramatic changes, Dr. Kim believes that subtle changes can make a world of a difference in your overall appearance. Growing up, Dr. Kim struggled with self-confidence as her family was poor. She grew up wearing mismatched clothes and hand-me-downs, and it affected how she viewed herself. 

Through aesthetic medicine, Dr. Kim hopes to bring her keen eye for detail and expertise to transform how you look and feel so you can take on the world with courage.